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When you care, you show support with financially helping indie developers and content creators. We cannot survive otherwise.

We give back by offering some free content that still requires our time and money to create and support.

We are self-funded and things like software licensing, hosting, our time, etc. all costs real world money.

We need support to grow and continue. Supporting indie devs helps us thrive, if not we'll eventually disappear.

We care about you because we are a small studio who values our community. We won't forget you!

Any donation helps us and encourages us to keep going!

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Donations are the best way to support us because we receive the entire amount. But, donating is not for everybody and we're fine with that.

Merchandise sales are also a great way to support us. When buying our designed merch from Amazon you get cool stuff (t-shirts, hoodies, etc.) and we receive a small royalty. Win-win!

Merchandise fulfillment is entirely handled by Amazon. This means that you get all the great benefits of Amazon ordering including Amazon Prime.