Small and Fun
We're a small indie development studio made up of a few regular folks. We have full-time jobs outside of our development projects but this is our passion. We love indie dev and only make projects we think are fun, educational, or interesting.
By Gamers for Gamers
We love video games, nerd culture, movies, and entertainment. We are also home educators, developers, designers, and just generally creative people. We made Travenboo as an outlet to put out our creations.
We Care About You
We believe that our players are important and their opinions matter. If you want to provide feedback, report a bug, or share something with us... then we actually want to hear from you!
Ad Free.
Can't stand Ads in your games or don't want your kids exposed to them? As gamers ourselves, we hate ads too. Most games monetize with ads, but our pricing model is simple "if you like the free version of the game, unlock the rest with a single purchase".
No Micro-transactions.
Most games want every penny out of your wallet. We only make money when you purchase the full game. No daily micro-transactions or purchasing additional DLC for our games. If you buy our game, you get everything and all future updates.
No Time-Locks or Pay-to-Win
We will never lock content or gameplay by making you wait X amount of time. This is a monetization technique companies use to squeeze money out of your pocket. We just want you to enjoy our games and purchase if you want to support us.